Transfer functions, again.


Different transfer functions are used to visualize various regions in a data set of a human head (Bruckner & Gröller, 2007, Computer Graphics Forum, 26(3), p715)

Powerful volume visualization depends critically on the so called transfer functions as is illustrated by the image on the right. There is a fundamental difference between radiation transfer in space and how transfer of emission is generally handled in computer graphics, i.e. in common 3D animation and data visualization software. This is relevant to 3D astrophysics, because more and more such software is being used for astronomical visualization and common shaders are unable to visualize completely optically thin nebulae. Understanding how transfer functions and shaders work, might help to avoid unexpected results from your visualizations. I promised to get back to this subject…If you want to read the earlier comments on transfer functions, please go hereContinue reading