3D Astrophysics Newsletter

Summary for first half of 2016

5.10 Three-Dimensional Orientation of Compact High Velocity Clouds
F. Heitsch, B. Bartell, S.E. Clark, J.E.G. Peek, D. Cheng, M. Putman

5.9 NGC 2440 : A morpho-kinematical model
Paulo J.A. Lago, Roberto D.D. Costa

5.8 Pinwheels in the sky, with dust: 3D modeling of the Wolf-Rayet 98a environment
Tom Hendrix, Rony Keppens, Allard Jan van Marle, Peter Camps, Maarten Baes, Zakaria Meliani

5.7  3-D structures of planetary nebulae
Wolfgang Steffen

5.6 The Local Universe: Galaxies in 3D
Baerbel S. Koribaliski

5.5 AstroBlend: An Astrophysical Visualization Package for Blender
J. P. Naiman

5.4 The physical and chemical structure of Sagittarius B2
I. Three-dimensional thermal dust and free-free continuum modeling on 100 au to 45 pc scales
A. Schmiedeke, P. Schilke, Th. Möller, Á. Sánchez-Monge, E. Bergin, C. Comito, T. Csengeri, D.C. Lis, S. Molinari, S.-L. Qin  and R. Rolffs

5.3 On the Structure and Stability of Magnetic Tower Jets
Huarte-Espinosa, M.; Frank, A.; Blackman, E. G.; Ciardi, A.; Hartigan, P.; Lebedev, S. V.; Chittenden, J. P.

5.2 The 3D structure of the Galactic bulge
M. Zoccali, E. Valenti

5.1 Deciphering the bipolar planetary nebula Abell 14 with 3D ionization and morphological studies
S. Akras , N. Clyne, P. Boumis, H. Monteiro, D. R. Gonçalves , M. P. Redman , S. Williams