3D Astrophysics Newsletter

Summary of the first half of 2017:

7.1 Catching a Grown-Up Starfish Planetary Nebula: I. Morpho-Kinematical study of PC 22
Sabin L., Gómez-Muñoz M. A., Guerrero M. A., Zavala S., Ramos-Larios G., Vázquez R., Corral L., Blanco Cárdenas M.W., Guillén P.F., Olguín L., Morisset C., Navarro S.

7.2 Cosmography and Data Visualization
Daniel Pomarede, Helene M. Courtois, Yehuda Hoffman, R. Brent Tully

7.3 The Fabric of the Universe: Exploring the cosmic web in 3D prints and woven textiles
Benedikt Diemer & Isaac Facio

7.4 Modelling the 3D physical structure of astrophysical sources with GASS
David Quénard, Sandrine Bottinelli, Emmanuel Caux

7.5 Hybrid polygon and hydrodynamic nebula modeling with multi-waveband radiation transfer in astrophysics
Wolfgang Steffen & Nico Koning

7.6 Reconstruction of a helical prominence in 3D from IRIS spectra and images
B. Schmieder, M. Zapiór, A. López Ariste, P. Levens, N. Labrosse, R. Gravet


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