3DA Newsletter

This is the future home of the newsletter on 3D Astrophysics.
If your work in any way has a component that depends on the 3D nature of your objects, we invite you to submit the abstract of your recently accepted or published papers. In order to expedite the information exchange, we will publish your abstract shortly after reception and once more in a complete newsletter every two months. The first edition of the complete newsletter will be published on March 1, 2015. The publication will be distributed as entries to the accompanying blog. Subscribing to the newsletter is therefore as easy as just subscribing to the blog (see button on the menu to the right of the blog)


The 3D Astrophysics Newsletter intends to rise awareness of papers, conferences and software that has an essential 3D component. This can be 3D reconstructions of astrophysics objects, methods for reconstruction, simulation or visualization or even mathematical methods.

A key aim is to facilitate cross-talk between otherwise often disconnected areas of astrophysical areas such as stellar and interstellar physics, astrometry, cosmology or galaxy structure. Their methods of constraining the structure along the line of sight or simply the visualization of multi-dimensional data can often be interest to independent communities.

If you believe that others can benefit from your work on 3D astrophysics, then please submit an abstract of your work.

Wolfgang Steffen & Nico Koning


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